Hello again!

OK, so let’s put it black on white: learning does not have to be all about studying, does it?  We can have some fun together and learn a lot of interesting facts through the games you can find here.

Play with a friend or challenge an adult and if you have any ideas about what you want us to consider for this corner just drop us an email.

Turu & Friends

A simple light-hearted game for everyone. Connect as many as you can of the same character and score points. How many can you connect at one go? I’ve only managed 5 in a row. Can you beat my top move?

Turu's Colouring Space

Let’s get those artistic talents going! I have a number of images: some are simple and some have a little more detail. So what are you waiting for? What colours would you like me to be in?

Turu's Memory Match

How good is your memory? Can you remember where the cards are placed and match them? It starts pretty easy and gets more challenging as you complete the levels. So let’s get that memory of yours working… I mean going…

Turu's Quiz Challenge

Lately I have learnt a lot about the Maltese Islands, thanks to my new friends. So I decided to put together some of the things I learnt in a multi-choice quiz game. How much do you know about Malta? Are you up to the challenge to find out?