So you are probably wondering what we are all about.

The Apprezza campaign is organised by the Malta Tourism Authority, which in brief is the organisation that takes care of promoting Malta for tourism purposes, however we do a lot more than this and you can find out more on  the Malta Tourism Authority website.

My role is to help educate children and anybody who is willing to listen really, about the importance of tourism to Malta and Gozo.  In addition, I would like my friends to understand that for tourism to do well we need to have islands that are well kept, clean and beautiful.  Furthermore people like you can tell tourists all about Malta and what they can do and enjoy.  I think it is very important that we feel proud to be Maltese and to be proud of Malta in general.

If you read my books in the ebooks section you will see what I mean about this as my books have lots of important lessons for you to learn and interesting facts to discover.

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